Aircraft Remarketing

CAG works with exclusive mandates only.

This has proven to be the most effective and efficient strategy for the client who wishes to dispose of his aircraft and get not just the best terms from the enquiries that come in, but know that these are the best terms available – globally. CAG is well known in the market place with an extensive and broad array of contacts in addition to being a very proactive seller and disposal agent of aircraft. We do not only list aircraft, we actively analyse where the market trends are and develop a complete programme called the “8 Point” for each and every client – this plan ensures Global Awareness in a matter of days from launch in a manner that suits the clients wishes and the way each client wishes his assets to be perceived. CAG also has its own in house developed Prospect Management System which is used to ensure up to the minute status of each of the mandates and prospects enquiring and campaigns developing. CAG can take care of the whole transaction from finding a buyer to transaction closing and delivery.
Leasing can also be arranged if required and using several years’ experience in Aviation Asset Management. We not only secure leasing customers but also offer our Lease Management service covering all aspects of the lessor/lessee transactions and contractual and “through life” contract support

We are currently in the process

...of delivering a number of aircraft and as such we are seeking remarketing opportunities from clients who have aircraft available for either sale or lease and require a top quality remarketing service. Please call or email us at any time to discuss your requirements

Our 8 Point Plan™

CAG’s “8PP” is a finely tuned process, with a driven suite of steps and proven initiatives designed to achieve an efficient and value driven successful placement in the shortest possible time

The CAG Way...

  • Product Analysis
  • Best Market Positioning
  • Proactive Behaviours
  • Multi Facted market approach
  • Real marketing, not just listing
  • Innovation & Ideation in Marketing different products Instant Global Awareness Proven Processes, Professional delivery